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Loidesign Stamp - Pick-up Seal - Set of 6

Loidesign Stamp - Pick-up Seal - Set of 6

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/ Specification/
Size: 46x13x23mm
Material: Beech, printed surface is reddish brown rubber
Remarks: No other camera supplies are included
Toride beech is a natural wood with different textures and colors. Those who can accept it will place an order again!
Quantity: 6 pcs in the whole box, including carton
Packing: Japanese Takeo Paper

Picking up this set of texts, I have been thinking about it for a very, very long time!
Every order sold on the Internet,
We will try to write cards by hand,
I often write Thank you and Best wishes,

But is it good to write every time,
I just got the idea to make a seal XDDD

From the sentences recorded in the usual mobile phone,
I chose six short sentences that are more positive,
It’s easier to apply to the mood of the collage~

Two words can be covered long
You can also break the line into two sentences, or use it as a single word~
If you want to know how to do it, welcome to watch the live broadcast on Instagram every Thursday night!

The whole set comes with a box, and it uses high-quality Japanese imported Takeo paper.
With two-color bronzing, really cute~
The color of the box is caramel brown and matcha green (random shipment).

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