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Laban Antique II Fountain Pen - Dark Grey - EF Nib

Laban Antique II Fountain Pen - Dark Grey - EF Nib

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Vintage is the new charm; time is the personality you can’t copy and paste.
Instant messaging switches the way of communication in a blink of an eye, weakening the profundity of words with speed. Writing well is the process of an earnest dialogue among paper, ink, pen, passage, you and me. Every stroke and every line on one letter or on one greeting card, even if they are a few lines of message, can calm your world down as well as block all of the noise.
Laban Pope with the iconic design, once used by Pope Benedict XVI, is steady and balanced while you are holding it. The pen body is made from solid brass, with plating and surface coatings and thus displays well-proportioned colors of high saturation. Personal marks can be gradually left on the pen body as time goes by to record your memories.
It gives weight to writing and portrays the face of time. A golden opportunity to relive the experience of being touched by handwriting. Make a dialogue from the bottom of your heart. Be tranquil, as time goes by.

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