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Midori MD Block Memo 3 Types [70th Anniversary Limited Edition]

Midori MD Block Memo 3 Types [70th Anniversary Limited Edition]

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Arriving 1st week of March 2022 
70th anniversary limited set of 3 types of MD block memos
with heaven glue processing on one side of MD paper. A set of 3 formats: no ruled line, horizontal ruled line, and grid ruled line. Each has a large capacity of 500 sheets, so it can be used in various places such as offices and homes.
Three types of formats that can be used according to the writing,
"no rule" that can be freely written, "horizontal rule" with a thick central line that can be divided into upper and lower parts to organize the contents, and a simple "square" that allows you to freely write pictures and characters Three types of "ruled" formats.
You can choose the format you like according to your needs.

A package that fits the block memo neatly and is perfect for gifts
. A special paper package with the ruled lines of the block memo designed. The simple appearance enhances the appeal of "MD products". Block memos that can be used in a wide range of situations are also recommended as gifts.

Contents 500 sheets x 3 types (no ruled line, horizontal ruled line, grid ruled line)
size Package / H308 × W105 × D56mm
Body / H100 × W100 × D50mm
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