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Penco Bucket Tote Bag

Penco Bucket Tote Bag

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Bucket Totebag | Bucket type bag that is useful for daily use and sub

This is a penco original nylon tote bag. The moderately thick fabric allows you to carry heavy items with confidence. It has a vertical round bottom and a bucket-like shape that not only has storage capacity, but also holds long and difficult-to-carry items stably. The frontage has Velcro so you can rest assured that the contents are hard to see. It comes with a belt that can be folded into a small and compact size, so it is also recommended as a secondary bag.

With Velcro on the frontage. It is a penco-like mechanism that also has a pen catcher so that the pen can be taken out immediately.

The belt is a reflective material that reflects light in the dark.

At the bottom of the main unit, the folding method is casually designed, so it is safe for those who tend to forget.

Product Details

size Body/Width 22.0 x Height 40.0 x Depth 20.0 (cm)
Handle/Height 25.0 (cm)
When stored/Diameter 8.0 x Width 14.0 (cm)
material Nylon
production China
package with paper tag


・Please note that there may be some fraying in the stitching (sewing).
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