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Penco Drafting Scale Ruler

Penco Drafting Scale Ruler

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Drafting Scale | A triangular scale for drafting for everyday use

Penco's scale tool with bold coloring on a triangular scale for drafting. While maintaining the functional beauty of drafting supplies, we used highly durable aluminum to create a ruler that is perfect for everyday use. The beautiful slender body does not take up much space even in a pen case. Also, rulers are usually flat, but this one has a triangular shape, so it's easy to pick up even if you put it on your desk. Simple and practical. It is an item that you want to have one at hand.

A special tool called a triangular scale for drafting is used as a ruler. The slender body is practical and looks smart.

As a design only, the scale has 6 scale graduations so you can measure lengths according to the scale of your drawing. Use the 1/100 side as a regular ruler.

The triangular shape makes it easy to pick up even when placed on a desk.

Product Details

size Body / Width 16.9 x Height 0.7 x Depth 0.9 (cm)
Package / Diameter 1.1 x Width 17.9 (cm)
material aluminum
production Taiwan
package PVC tube
remarks 15cm scale, Scale: 1/100 to 1/600


・This product has a scale of 1/100 to 1/600, but we do not recommend using it in situations where precise measurement is required for business purposes. Please understand beforehand that it is a design as a design to the last.
・There is a slight difference in the font of the scale depending on the body color.
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