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Penco Pocket Measure

Penco Pocket Measure

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Pocket Measure | Stainless steel tape measure with presence

A compact and standard penco pocket measure. The retro color applied to the stainless steel body has a good atmosphere, and the minimal size and good texture make it tempting to pick it up.

The atmosphere of corporate novelties that were once distributed in the United States was designed with Penco's unique interpretation. The witty graphics that weren't likely have a presence like no other.

When it comes to measuring tape, it's yellow. We are also particular about this scale part and put in a design such as the PENCO logo.

Product Details

size Width 4.0 x Height 4.5 x Depth 1.2 (cm)
material stainless alloy
production Taiwan
package PP bag
remarks 2m scale


・This product may have scratches or chips (slight scratches) on the print due to manufacturing reasons.
・The navy color looks a little vivid on the screen, but it is almost black.
・Be careful not to injure yourself when you pull out the measuring tape for a long time, as the tape will be rewound vigorously.
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