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Penco Prime Timber Brass (Mechanical Pencil) - White

Penco Prime Timber Brass (Mechanical Pencil) - White

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PRIME TIMBER | An adult pencil that enjoys smooth writing

The mechanical pencil "Prime Timber" using a domestic 2mm lead for pencils has been renewed. High quality American incense cedar wood is used for the warm wooden shaft. It is designed with a perfect balance of light in the center and heavy on both ends, so you won't get tired even if you write for a long time. In addition, high-quality domestic lead is used, so you can enjoy a smooth writing experience. "Brass" is finished in an elegant atmosphere with brass gold parts. A writing instrument for adults that gets better with use.

The message "THE WARMTH OF WOOD ON PAPER" engraved on the body expresses the desire to feel the quality of the material and the comfort of writing. The main body is set with a B core and comes with a dedicated sharpener.

Writing comfort that does not cause fatigue even after long periods of writing

The hexagonal wooden shaft is about 1mm thicker than a regular pencil, making it easy for adults to grip. Metal is used for the nib and knock part, so it is slightly heavier than a pencil, but it has a perfect balance of "light in the center" and "heavy on both ends", so you won't get tired even if you write for a long time.

The material used is "American incense cedar wood" that gives you the warmth of wood. Every time you use it, the taste will increase.

Comes with its own sharpener. The slightly analog work of shaving when it becomes round will tickle your grown-up minds even more.

Product Details

size Package / Width 4.5 x Height 20.0 x Depth 1.0 (cm)
Body / Diameter 0.8 x Height 16.0 (cm)
Core sharpener / Width 1.9 x Height 7.3 x Depth 0.7 (cm)
material [Body] Incense cedar, brass
[Core sharpener] ABS
production Japan
package PP bag + mount
remarks 2.0 mm core, with refill (FR011, FR016, FR017), with special sharpener, B core is set in the main body


・When inserting the lead into the lead sharpener, if the lead is pulled out too long, it may cause the lead to break.
・After using the lead sharpener, dust from the sharpened lead will come out and stain the surroundings, so close the black cap tightly as soon as possible.
・If core powder accumulates in the core sharpener, turn it upside down on paper, wrap it up and throw it in the trash.
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