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Penco Soft PP Notebook A7

Penco Soft PP Notebook A7

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Soft PP Notebook | Large-capacity notebook that you want to use as a standard

A penco notebook with a flexible thin plastic cover. The inner paper is a 5 mm grid that makes it easy to fill in charts and tables, and it has a large number of pages that can be written in plenty. With a tough cover that is resistant to scratches and stains even after long-term use, this book is recommended as a daily notebook where you can freely write anything.

A notebook that you want to stick to because you use it on a daily basis. It's a joy to have with a neatly simple yet witty cover design.

The slightly cream colored inner paper is a standard 5mm grid. It is easy to fill in not only text but also figures and tables, and can be used for general purposes. In addition, it is very easy to write because it is a book that opens neatly 180 degrees.

Although it is a thick notebook, the cover is somewhat flexible, making it easy to grip and perfect for carrying around.

Product Details

size Width 7.4 x Height 10.5 x Depth 0.6 (cm)
material PP, paper
production China
package none
remarks 5mm grid, 50 sheets


・Due to the nature of the material, some warping may occur. Please note.
・Because the cover is made of thin material, depending on the color, the inner grid may be visible. Please note that there is no quality problem.
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