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Penco Storage Caddy S

Penco Storage Caddy S

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Storage Caddy | Storage goods that you can "organize" and "carry" frequently used items

A lidless storage "storage caddy" that is perfect for organizing small items around you. The inside is divided into 4 partitions, so you can clean up even small items. Stationery, tools, remote controls, eyeglasses, makeup tools, etc. It is also convenient to use as a fixed position for wallets and watches. The ease of use that brings together all kinds of small items is attractive.

It comes with a handle that allows you to carry it as is, and stacking is also possible for those who have multiple items. The same material and color as the storage container of the same brand, which is also a bestseller, makes it easy to incorporate together. Please use it for the interior of the room and for various purposes.

This item is a lidless tool box for storing tools and carrying them as is, arranged in a size suitable for desktop storage. It's a simple idea, but it's easy to use and it's easy to reach.

As an organizer for things that tend to be cluttered. Not only can it be stored on your desk, but it is also convenient for storing small items around you, and frequently used items so that they can be easily found and taken out quickly (for the time being).

As a toolbox for everyday use. Medicine, plasters, sewing tools, books and glasses in the bedroom, bottles and brushes in the bathroom, razors, shoe care products at the entrance, etc. If you put the whole box in and out quickly when using it, it will not be messy.

It has a handle and is made of tough material, so you can take it outdoors such as camping.

Other than the label, it is OK to get wet with water, so you can put cosmetics and care goods in the washroom.

Stacking is also possible if you have more than one.

A storage caddy suitable for frequently used items.

S size is a new addition to the storage caddy. The (horizontal) width is about half that of the regular version, so you can easily use it anywhere without taking up too much space.

size Width 12.5 x Height 11.8 x Depth 13.0 (cm)
material PP
production Taiwan
remarks Stackable
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