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Sailor HOCORO Fountain Pen Nib Dip Pen

Sailor HOCORO Fountain Pen Nib Dip Pen

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A fountain pen nib dip pen that makes it easier and easier to use bottle ink for fountain pens.
There is no need to wash or replace the ink each time, and you can easily change the color by simply flushing the pen tip with water, so you can easily enjoy many colors of ink without hassle. You can enjoy things that you can't do with a fountain pen, such as trying to use the sleeping ink again, or not only writing letters but also using it like a paintbrush to mix and draw colors.

The resin body reduces the risk of cracking or damage even if dropped. There are two types of character width: fine characters and 1.0 mm width (calligraphy type).
Both are fountain pen nibs, so you can feel secure and easy to handle. Since the tip of the fine print has a pen point, it has excellent wear resistance and durability. Since you can easily use various inks, the silhouette of the body is based on the motif of a "vase" from the image of colorful flowers blooming from the pen tip. There are two axis colors, white and gray, respectively.

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