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Team Demi

team-demi Stationery Set - White

team-demi Stationery Set - White

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Packed with Excitement

We wanted to create stationery
that is a delight to own.

So, we carved a beautiful new team-demi
inspired by our original palm-sized stationery set released in 1984.

The eight tools, with their striking shape,
offer up-to-date, minimalist functionality.

They fit so snuggly into the case
as if melding into the enveloping structure.

Open, take out, use, put back, close.

To evoke a new experience whatever the action,
the set is minutely designed down to sound and comfort.

As everything around us turns digital,
you won’t be able to resist taking this set in your hand.

The new team-demi.


What I aimed for was a beautiful sense of unity.

A case with no protrusions that uses a magnetic hinge.
By incorporating two magnets on the hinge side and one magnet on the opening side, comfortable opening and closing has been achieved.

The eight tools are designed as if they were carved from a single block.
It fits snugly as if it were sucked in by a magnet, and has a structure that makes it easy to take out.

It is a design that calculates the comfort when putting it in and out.

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