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Yamamoto Paper Paper Tasting - Pen Friendly Onionskin Vol. 1

Yamamoto Paper Paper Tasting - Pen Friendly Onionskin Vol. 1

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Find your pen-friendly paper: "Japanese notebooks are so pen friendly and there are so many types of great paper.  How can I learn more about them?  Where do I begin?" This product was born from such a conversation with a friend living abroad. "Paper tasting" is a collection of writing pads, expressly to let you try different kinds of papers and enjoy the pleasure of writing on them. Like wine tasting, you will be able to find your favorite pairing of pen and paper, or even pencil and paper. Each package comes with a short description of the included papers, along with a classification table that will show you how the papers fit into the broader landscape of Japanese paper categories. It is like having your very own paper sommelier!

Paper Tasting Pen Friendly Onionskin vol. 1 comes with three notepads of unique onionskin papers for you to try. Each notepad comes with 25 sheets of paper.

B7 size: 35NFC (suitable for fountain pens)
35NFC is a food-grade oil-resistant paper. Most oil-resistant paper use plastic film or fluorine resin, but these are not the most environmentally friendly. 35NFC avoids these materials and produces its oil-resistancy through overlapping layers of highly dense paper. The regular paper absorbs oil immediately on contact, but with 35NFC, there is no absorption even after 30 minutes. Our ink tests showed a longer than normal dry time, but great color representation and no bleed-through.

A6 size: Typewriter Paper (suitable for fountain pens)
It is important for typewriter paper to be thin and durable. This Typewriter Paper is made to handle the strong strikes of the typewriter keys, able to show-through crisp letters even if stacked five sheets thick.

B6 size: Champion Copy (suitable for fountain pens)
Champion Copy N was developed to provide high translucency and sturdiness for use in the diazo copying process. It is also suitable for offset and letterpress printing.

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