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Yohaku 15mm Masking Tape - Shizuka Nairo

Yohaku 15mm Masking Tape - Shizuka Nairo

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・Y-115 Shizuka Nairo⁡My favorite masking tapeThe first masking tape I made in 2017 was a slightly brighter design with a letter motif on a green masking tape⁡It was a 20mm wide masking tape, but it was discontinued and then it was renewed as a simple and cool masking tape⁡At the time of the renewal, the black masking tape was one of the candidates. I was also finishing the manuscript, and at that time I thought green would be good⁡⁡Time has passed, and now I feel like a black masking tape. It's not just a masking tape, but a masking tape with a nice atmosphere with some scratches⁡⁡The finished product is a black with an indescribable nuance that seems both black and gray⁡Yohaku masking tape is a soft, pale, and thin material that makes it feel more like Japanese paper.It doesn't have any shine, so I think you can fully enjoy the transparency by layering it⁡It's a masking tape in a quiet color

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