Ystudio Classic Tape Dispenser
Ystudio Classic Tape Dispenser
Ystudio Classic Tape Dispenser

Ystudio Classic Tape Dispenser

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Pure and simple shape, easy to use.
The bottom bracket is cut from a solid copper column, which makes the weight stable and easy to take.

Material: brass, paper card packaging
Product size: 110x79x25mm
Packing size: 110x85x30mm
Applicable tape: the inner diameter of the tape should be between 2.4-3 cm, and the tape width should be within 2 cm. It is recommended to use 3M invisible tape and paper tape.

Use and maintenance:
The color of copper will change depending on the way it is used and the storage environment, and the unique texture over time is its charm.
The oxides produced by the changes are harmless. Use copper oil to wipe them off to restore the beautiful luster of copper.