Collection: CARPENTER

A pair of siblings came from Taiwan, decided to inherit their father’s 29 years of fine carpenter craftsmanship and passion for wood in developing a series of original wooden products that’s infused with new designs and fun elements. They add new elements like new designs, funs, and interests to the wood handicrafts and develop a series of creational wooden stationary, toys, lamp, home goods, and daily goods. They have also opened up numerous DIY classes for adults and children to really participate in carpenters’ works. This has not only turned this sunset industry around, but also pass down the wood works and let the log to enrich our life.
The planet’s natural environment has gradually declined in recent years. To attain their goal of having an environmentally-friendly supply chain, Carpenters only works with logs from FSC-certified, sustainable forestry centers and all the products are designed and made in Taiwan, in hopes that they become a sustainable enterprise that benefits both society and nature.