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At 22STUDIO, we have worked with concrete for more than a decade, immersed in its forms, textures, weights and even smells.

That’s because we believe authentic design is grounded in material. For us, excitement lies in exploring the physical nature of materials and their relationship to the city — maintaining a lively curiosity as to where that exploration might lead. Our name is “22” because it’s an age that captures that wonderment; one unafraid to follow instinct to natural (yet urban) conclusions.

Here in our Taipei studio, a small, passionate team undertakes that journey every day, making timepieces, accessories and stationery. All our products are handcrafted, honed through trial and adaptation into authentic and unexpected designs. We hope to awaken imaginations all over the world.

“We set out to design minimalistic products that for sophisticated city-dwellers, create impressive design from simple materials, and convey an attitude that is straightforward and genuine.” – Sean Yu.

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