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quoi quoi is French and means "what? what?".
What kind of bag do you take?
What kind of personality do you have?

quoi quoi was established in 2009. Canvas bag is our main product and waxed canvas from Japan is our main fabric. Our bags are often adorned with Italian leather and cotton to enhance the sense of touch and texture. “Easy to make by hand” is the design element of our quoi quoi bag.

The feature of quoi quoi bag contains both the elegance of French women and modesty of Japanese women. We always enhance the quality of bags continuously.
We not only integrate a variety of colors and fabrics into a fashionable bag but also increase the functions for carrying a bag.

To easily clean the bag inside, a waterproof lining is added. We always try to reveal the durable nature of canvas to customers. Bag is not an accessory of dressing only anymore. It can also accompany us forever.

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