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Loidesign Stamp - Good Life Seal Set - Be Yourself

Loidesign Stamp - Good Life Seal Set - Be Yourself

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Size: 120x70x30mm whole box
Material: combination wood, printed surface is reddish brown rubber
Remarks: No other camera supplies are included

This stamp set is our first attempt!
Open the voting menu, and then adjust the size to become a set,
Originally wanted to make a stamp with line breaks,
But some people say that line breaks can be handled by themselves,
So the finished product looks like this~

The box is very hard, and it is opened independently, but it uses recycled gray paper and two-color hot stamping.

The words written this time are all positive sentences related to Platycodon grandiflorum!

There is a frame, scattered cover, you can easily create a sense of collage~

Many people may say: Be yourself
But I recently discovered that you must have love before you can live a better life!

So put my dear, love, happiness and being yourself in a box~

be yourself: be yourself (English)
Happiness: Happiness (English)
chérie: dear (French)
L'amour: Love (French)

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