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Zig Kuretake

East-Hill (ZIG Kuretake) Masking Calligraphy pen

East-Hill (ZIG Kuretake) Masking Calligraphy pen

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For masking letters, drawings, illustrations, cards and so on.

A pen that applies latex for masking off areas from colouring with watercolour, ink etc…

How to use this pen

  • Write or draw  with this Masking Liner where you want to exclude colour. (Masking fluid is gray in colour for visibility, so you can see where it has been applied)
  • Allow to dry about 5 minutes.
  • Once the masking fluid has completely dried, apply colours, including on top of masked off area.
  • To remove the dried masking coat, rub it away in the direction you previously write/draw.

Works well on smooth paper or low-permeable paper.

Please remove any excess masking fluid dried on the nib each time with a clean finger before use.

East-Hill is a brother company of ZIG Kuretake, located in Higashiyama district in Nara, Japan

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