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Hightide Sandglass - Hourglass (S) - 3 minutes

Hightide Sandglass - Hourglass (S) - 3 minutes

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SANDGLASS | An hourglass that you want to decorate as an interior decoration

It is a glass hourglass with a simple form. Even if you just decorate it for a little bit, such as the bookshelf in the study, the space by the window, or the counter in the kitchen, it has a strong presence and its beauty will catch your eye. Time is invisible, but you can see the hourglass. It is an interior goods that will make you reconfirm the importance of time even in your busy everyday life. 

Easy to visualize the time, useful in various scenes

The hourglass makes it easy to understand how much time is left, and even children who can't read clocks can enjoy being conscious of the time, so it is recommended as the first step in time management for children. It's also a good idea to limit your TV and video viewing time to "until the sand falls".

Place it on your kitchen counter to accompany your cooking. It is perfect as a timer to measure the brewing time of coffee. You can expect a relaxing effect because you can measure the time quietly without being disturbed by the alarm sound.

The uncolored clear color blends in with any interior with its unique presence.

Product Details


S size/diameter 3.5 x height 7.8 (cm)


material sand, glass
production China
package paper boxed

S size about 3 minutes



・As this product is handmade, there is an error in time. Please use the measurement time as a guide only. Although the standard error is ±20 seconds, the measurement time may change depending on the environment of use. Please refrain from using it for accurate time measurement. In addition, since it is handmade, the shape and color may differ slightly.
・Be sure to use the product on a horizontal surface. Do not place it in an unstable place.
・The main body is made of glass. The material is fragile, so please handle with care.
・Do not shake or throw the product. Applying a strong impact may cause damage. Also, if there are scratches, cracks, chips, etc., it is very dangerous, so please stop using it.
・Since this product is delicately made, it may be damaged by sudden changes in temperature or atmospheric pressure. Do not use in saunas, baths, or near fire.
・Please note that the white sand may occasionally contain black grains.
・Use and store out of reach of children.

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