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MD Block Memo Pad - Lined

MD Block Memo Pad - Lined

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Block memo using "MD paper"
``MD Block Memo'' is a horizontally ruled ``MD Block Memo'' that is made of ``MD paper'' that has been pasted on one side. It has a clean appearance that looks good no matter where you place it, simply stacking only "MD paper". You can write comfortably with a variety of writing instruments, from fountain pens to pencils.

Horizontal rule that can be written by dividing the top and bottom
The format is horizontal ruled lines, which is convenient for taking notes. The center line is thick so that you can separate the top and bottom.

Large capacity of 500 pieces
It has a large capacity of 500 pieces, so it can be used in various places such as the office and home. Place it on your desk and write down your ideas and miscellaneous notes.

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