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MD Notebook Cotton - A5 SQUARE - Blank

MD Notebook Cotton - A5 SQUARE - Blank

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A soft, airy texture

There’s just something about the sound of a pen nib scratching on paper and the warmth from your hand.

After our special MD PAPER Cotton won hearts with the smooth, soft texture and elegant feel achieved by its formula containing 20% cotton pulp, MD Notebook Cotton has been re-released in two sizes.
The air in the cotton pulp provides a soft surface for your pen or pencil, so that your text and drawings turn out just as you envisioned.

The compact A5 Square notebook is the size of a photobook. Open it up and the long, narrow space will stimulate your imagination. Whether you’re writing, illustrating or making mind maps, this unconventional format lets your ideas run free.

The other thing that sets MD PAPER Cotton apart is the color.
This is not a bold, bright white but a soft, natural hue, reminiscent of the cotton flower itself. It’s subtle yet so irresistible.

With a refined look and soft, natural-looking pages, the ink of your writing and the colors of your art will pop.

There are even specially designed covers.
Our hard paper cover has a smooth texture and a color resembling tanned leather. It provides a firm surface for writing on your lap, making it ideal for writing on the go.
Our transparent cover protects the notebook from water and dirt, without compromising the attractive look or hiding the text or art on the cover.

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