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Midori MD Fountain Pen with Bottle Ink Orange [70th Anniversary Limited Edition]

Midori MD Fountain Pen with Bottle Ink Orange [70th Anniversary Limited Edition]

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Arriving 1st week of March 2022
70th Anniversary Limited Set with Original Ink and Fountain Pen This is a limited set
of transparent axis MD fountain pen and original bottle ink. You can use this one for a wide range of ideas such as sketches, diaries, letters and cards.
It is also recommended as a gift for those who have never used a fountain pen before, or as your first fountain pen.
"Orange" original ink that shines on MD notes
Orange ink that accentuates the spin color of MD notes. The bright orange color can be used as a mark for important things as if it were a red pencil.
The transparent axis fountain pen can be enjoyed by looking at the color of the ink inside.
With converter to suck
ink The fountain pen has one converter to suck ink. Insert the converter into the shaft of the fountain pen, immerse the pen tip in the bottle ink, and turn the knob of the converter to suck up the ink.
Comfortable pen tip
The curved pen tip has a high degree of freedom in angle, so you can quickly hold it when you think of it and start writing freely. Stay close to your "writing".
Easy to enjoy "writing"
Medium letters (M) with moderate thickness that are neither too delicate nor too strong. It can be held lightly like a pencil and can be carried anywhere without hesitation. Enjoy everyday "writing" with this one, such as idea sketches, diaries, letters, etc.

A special paper package designed with a fountain pen and bottle ink that fits neatly in a fountain pen and bottle ink, and is also a perfect gift package. The simple appearance enhances the appeal of "MD products". A fountain pen that can be used in a wide range of situations is also recommended as a gift.

Contents Fountain pen x 1 (Pen tip: Steel / Shaft: Plastic / Character width: M)
Bottle ink x 1 (Ink color: Orange)
Converter x 1
Cartridge x 1 (Ink color: Black)
size Package: H140 x W91 x D39mm
Fountain pen: Diameter 11 x H133mm
Bottle ink: H55 x W57 x D36mm
Converter: Diameter 7 x W75mm
Cartridge: Diameter 7 x H38mm
remarks ● When closing the fountain pen cap, insert it until the silver ring of the main body is hidden.
● Do not use for anything other than writing.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● Please note that if ink gets on your clothes, it may not come off.
● Please note that dropping or writing with too much force may cause a malfunction. ● For bottle ink and ink cartridge, we recommend using the
dedicated MD bottle ink, MD fountain pen cartridge >> . Please note that depending on the type of ink, it may cause clogging or malfunction.
● When changing the color of the ink, wash the pen tip with water before setting.
● Do not place in places with high temperature and humidity or below -5 ℃.
● Be sure to close the cap when not writing, as it may cause the ink to dry.
● If you do not use the product for a long time, remove the cartridge, wash the pen tip with water, and then store it.
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