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Midori Paintable Rotary Stamp - 12 months

Midori Paintable Rotary Stamp - 12 months

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It is a fun stamp that you can rotate and choose a pattern easily, great for decorating your notes, journals or diary pages, and outgoings cards.

As it comes with a build-in ink pad, you are able to press it many times easily, instantly reproduce illustrations that are difficult to draw by hand.

The detachable ink pad allows you to press about 2,000 times. It can be replenished with the refill.

You can choose to use it simply as a black stamp or to decorate it colourfully. Since it is an oil-based ink, the ink does not bleed even if you apply water-based marker and paint on the stamp you pressed.



Packaging - H16 x W8.5 x D2.8 cm

Body - H7.6 x W4.4 x D2.6 cm


Body -  ABS+POM+Polycarbonate+Spring steel; 

Stamp - rubber;

Ink - self-inking, oil-based ink

Made in Japan

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