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Moleyouth Vintage World Map with Scroll (for Metro Manila & Rizal* Shipping only)

Moleyouth Vintage World Map with Scroll (for Metro Manila & Rizal* Shipping only)

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*Antipolo, Cainta & Taytay

Each frame needs several hours of laser engraving, with an accuracy of 0.2mm (about 1/30 of the hair). Describe all the details one by one. To ensure the sophistication and quality of extraordinary people, only less than 300 components can be produced per month.

With reference to the appearance of real whole cow leather and the closest sense of calf leather, it is difficult to distinguish no matter from a distance, scrutiny or touch, and even has the title of "vegetarian leather". At the same time, it has the simplest cleaning, has the beauty of leather, but retains the advantages of synthetic leather, no longer worry about mold and oil maintenance, just wipe with a dry cloth, and has a new appearance for many years. Young people think that you should spend your time planning where to go instead of maintaining the map!

If you are fond of traveling around the world and want to keep a record of where you’ve been, this will be the map perfect for you. Aside from added texture and made to look vintage, this will be your very personalized treasure map that comes with a handy wood scroll.

In order to simulate the real leather feeling, the leather surface is composed of random two-color; therefore, the coloring condition of each product is completely different.

Material: PU leather

L 84 x W 66 x H 1.6 cm

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