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MT Solids Washi Tape - 20 Color Set

MT Solids Washi Tape - 20 Color Set

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Use these mt washi tapes to add whimsical accents to scrapbooks, gift cards, calendars, and even fixtures like light switches.

Washi tape is craft masking tape that comes in many colors and patterns and has tons of creative uses. This mt tape is produced by Kamoi Kakoshi, a specialized Japanese manufacturer of masking tapes used in a variety of applications including industrial and decorative. The tape is removable, which means that you can easily stick it on, unpeel it, and move it to a different spot—especially convenient for marking ever-changing schedules. Cut strips cleanly using scissors or the MT Tape Cutters, or use your hands for a naturally torn look.

This set includes 10 pastel and 10 noble colors, for a total of 20 tapes: Aonibi (Will-o'-the-Wisp), Asahanada (Shallow Indigo), Baby Blue, Beige, Cocoa, Cork, Haimurasaki (Ash Purple), Himawari (Sunflower), Lavender, Mizu (Water), Ninjin (Carrot), Peacock, Rose Pink, Ruri (Lapis), Salmon Pink, Tamago (Egg), Uguisu (Olive), Wakamidori (Verdant Green), Wakanae (Sapling), and Wine.

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