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MU Life Inky Pen - Log house

MU Life Inky Pen - Log house

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Drawing on those charming natural colors, MU launched the "Pen Ink Pad", which combines three ink pad colors into a pen shape that is easy to carry and store!
The small ink pad surface is convenient for partial coloring. A stamp pattern can be colored with different ink pad colors to create a gradient or partial color change effect.

※ The amount of MU pen stamp ink is very sufficient. You don’t need too much to develop the color. It is recommended to lightly apply the ink when stamping. For the first time, you can try stamping on waste paper

Each color can be detached and spliced freely to extend the pen body, and the pen-shaped design is easy to carry and store.

▰How to use▰
Open and cover the pen ink pad by twisting it (the ink pad needs to be aligned sideways with the tenon before turning)▰ Notes▰
★ Not recommended for use on glossy or coated smooth materials.
★ Drying time will vary according to different paper types and weather conditions.
★ Please close the lid tightly after use to prevent the paint from evaporating.
★Oil-based ink pads may seep oil due to different paper types, which is normal.
★The actual ink color will be slightly different due to different screen displays.

▰ Product specifications▰
• Size: 6.3(H) × 1.4 (D) CM
• Three colors/piece
• Design, packaging and manufacturing: Taiwan/Raw materials: China

Log house color (natural stone white, iron dark gray, log Brown)

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