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MU Life Stamp Holder

MU Life Stamp Holder

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MU team designed wooden holder special for the stamp handle (Acrylic Block and Cylindrical Acrylic), creating a quiet corner for your table!

For every journal-person, all the journal supplies are indispensable. There should be a special space and place for storing them.
This time, MU team designed stamp handle holder which has mild texture of wood and ideal placing arrangement for you to feel the delicacy and harmony while using it.

⋆ Stamp Handle Holder is made of natural beech wood, so every finished product has different veins.
⋆ Because of the different wood grains, it’s normal that there are some slight burrs remaining attachedafter a modification process.

■ Description
‧ 1 pcs.
‧ Holder Size:6x5x2 cm
‧ Box Size:8.3x8.3x3.2 cm
‧ Material:Natural beech wood

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