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nahe General Purpose Case A7

nahe General Purpose Case A7

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General Purpose Case A7 | Storage for small items such as cards and tickets

This is a general purpose case that allows you to see the contents with transparent PVC. This smallest size is convenient for storing paper items such as cards, tickets, and receipts. It's not perfect for business cards, but it's A7 size, so it can be used for a wide range of purposes. When there are not many things to store, the gusset can be folded to make it compact, and it is an excellent item that can handle thick items.

It is quite convenient to use this Genepa to save really small items that are likely to get lost if you put them in a pouch.

Even if you use it instead of a casual wallet. It's easy to use without getting lost because you can see the inside of the card and the coins.

Even if you put only the necessary makeup tools such as lips. It comes in handy when you have a small bag that you don't want to carry around.

Product Details

size Width 12.0 x Height 8.8 x Depth 2.3 (cm)
material PVC
production Taiwan
package PP bag
remarks With inner partition pocket and back pocket


・This product is packaged with the width of the gusset flattened. Therefore, please note that there may be variations in the degree of curvature of the edges.
・The product may be deformed depending on the storage condition of the product. In that case, if you store it in a flat place for a while, the mild deformation will return to its original state, so please try it.
・Avoid direct sunlight and places with high temperatures.
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