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Penco Bullet Ballpoint Pen - Brass

Penco Bullet Ballpoint Pen - Brass

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Bullet Ballpointpen | Penco ballpoint pen that fits in your pocket

This is a penco original bullet-type ballpoint pen. Although it has a compact design of only 9.3 cm when carried, it is a size that is easy to grip because the cap extends when writing with the cap attached to the buttocks shaft.

Each part, including the machined brass body, is manufactured in Japan, and is of course excellent in quality and ease of use. It can be used for a long time as it is compatible with refills of the domestic manufacturer's 4C standard, and it comes in a thoughtful special box, so it is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

There is a penco logo on the back of the cap. It features an old standard shape, a so-called bullet-like shape called a bullet type.

Mini size that fits in the palm of your hand. You can easily carry this anywhere.

The smooth streamlined form is very beautiful without waste.

It's fairly compact when you're carrying it around, but when you're writing, you won't feel any difficulty in gripping it because it's designed to stretch by the size of the cap.

A simple structure that makes it easy to replace refills.

Comes in an original dedicated box and is recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

Product Details

size Package / Width 10.4 x Height 3.3 x Height 3.3 (cm)
Body / Diameter 1.3 x Height 9.3 (cm)
material Brass
production Japan
package paper boxed
remarks Pen nib 0.7mm, black ink (oil-based)
Compatible with domestic manufacturer 4C standard (diameter 2.3 x 67mm) refill core


・If you shake it violently or give it a shock, the ink may leak
. Gold marks are especially noticeable, so please be aware of this before purchasing.
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