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Penco Double-side Storage Container

Penco Double-side Storage Container

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Storage Container Double-side | Double-opening storage box convenient for organizing small items

Penco's double-sided accessory case. The surface has four partitions, making it perfect for use as a medicine or accessory case, or for organizing small items such as clips, SD cards, flake stickers, etc. The back side has no partition and can store about 40 business cards. The palm size makes it convenient to carry around, so it can be used in a variety of situations depending on the purpose.

Unique double-sided shape

Double-sided design that can be opened from either the front or the back. There are partitions on the surface, so you can neatly organize small items with this one.

Use it to organize paper clips, SD cards, seals, etc. around your desk. Penco's bullet ballpoint pen also fits perfectly.

It is also recommended to use it as a small medicine case to carry around.

Many people use the storage container to hold fishing lures, but this is also ideal for storing small items such as small lures, snaps, and weights. . It's even more convenient to use them together, so be sure to check them out.

There is no partition on the back. It can store about 40 business cards and cards.

Product Details

size Package / width 10.3 x height 3.9 x depth 6.7 (cm)
Main body / Width 10.3 x Height 3.9 x Depth 6.7 (cm)
material PP
production Taiwan
package In PP bag


・There is a slight misalignment in the position of the label. Please note.
-Due to the manufacturing process, resin flow marks may occur. Please note.
-Although it is a sturdy material, the part that connects the lid and the main body is very thin due to specifications and will deteriorate with frequency of use. Also, there is a risk of damage if handled roughly.
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