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Penco Pla-Clip Plastic Clip sa

Penco Pla-Clip Plastic Clip sa

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BINDING PLA-CLIP | Convenient and cute plastic clip for everyday use

A plastic clip that boasts penco-like coloring. Just the right size for holding snacks, coffee beans, etc. It holds firmly with a jagged mouth.

It's not an old company novelty item, but everyday items with logos have a cheap chic atmosphere and are fun to use. It can also be used in a wide range of areas around the desk, such as bundling copy paper and materials, so I would be happy if you could collect a lot.

It is also useful for keeping receipts etc.

Because it is a daily item that you use every day, it is a product that sticks to the design. It's colorful and cute even if you take it out camping.

It looks like plastic, but the clip structure of the handle is metal fittings. You can use it for a wide range of purposes with just the right holding power without biting too hard.

size Body / Width 10.0 x Height 6.5 x Depth 3.0 (cm)
material ABS
production China
package none
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