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Penco Storage Container Pen Case - BEIGE

Penco Storage Container Pen Case - BEIGE

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Storage Container Pen Case | Keep your penco stationery neatly organized

The standard storage container has become a pen case that is just right for taking out. The size design allows you to store penco stationery neatly, and it also has a storage capacity, making it perfect for everyday use. The flat shape makes it convenient to put pens on the desk together in a drawer. Even if you leave it on the desk as it is, it looks like a storage item and does not look sloppy, and can be used in combination with other storage series for a more versatile use. It's a handy plastic pen case, so please feel free to take it in.

When PENCO stationery is stored, it looks colorful and bright. It's cute even if you stick a sticky note on the lid or decorate it with your favorite sticker.

The pen case-sized plastic storage that can be taken out quickly when you want to use it is easy to use. It is also recommended to keep small tools that are often used together at hand.

Color: BEIGE

Product Details

size Package / Width 8.0 x Height 2.7 x Depth 23.0 (cm)
Body / Width 18.7 x Height 6.9 x Depth 2.7 (cm)
material PP
production Taiwan
package OPP bag with header


・This product may have a slight deviation in the position of the label. Please note. ・Although it is a sturdy material, the part that connects the lid and the main body is thin due to the specifications and will deteriorate with frequency of use. Please note that rough handling may cause damage.
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