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Red Cabin Original Masking Tape 15mm

Red Cabin Original Masking Tape 15mm

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Red Cabin's original masking tape.

The designers and staff members in charge of designing this masking tape went through a lot of trial and error to decide what theme and what kind of design to use.

This design is based on the image of the famous Great Buddha of Kamakura.
The humorous design is a combination of Scandinavian taste and the Great Buddha,
The design has a gentle and soft touch that will make the user feel warm and fuzzy.

The motif of this design is the white dove that is the symbol of Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine.
The white dove, which is so familiar with Kamakura, is said to bring good luck,
It is also a symbol of happiness. As a memento of your visit to Kamakura
We designed this item with a wish that it will bring happiness to those who use it.

The Reset
The design is based on the sundries developed by our original brand "the reset". 
Our original brand. The hand-drawn watercolor illustrations have a lovely, loose impression.
We recommend cutting them out and using them as a point of reference for message cards and organizers.

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