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SAILOR TUZU Adjust Fountain Pen – Red

SAILOR TUZU Adjust Fountain Pen – Red

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In general, people have the perception that fountain pens are complicated and difficult to use.
Survey revealed two challenges.
-Ink won’t flow well depending on how I write.
-It’s hard to know where to grip.

Sailor has developed a new fountain pen, “TUZU”, that solves these challenges.
TUZU is a fountain pen that can adjust to user habits.

■Product Characteristics
1.Rotating Nib Feature
TUZU Adjust Fountain Pen equipped with Rotating Nib Feature, enabling nib angle/grip position changes.
Fine angle adjustments at 10-degree pitches, so everyone can find their own comfort zone regardless of writing/gripping habits.

2.Natural Fit Grip
Two gently sloped sides for a natural fit in your fingers.
Ample contact surface enables stable gripping.

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