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Yohaku 7mm Masking Tape - New Year's Day

Yohaku 7mm Masking Tape - New Year's Day

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"Masking tape for making lines" L-003 New Year's Day⁡

While making pages for a small diary or notebook, I suddenly thought it would be nice to have a thin masking tape, so I made one that was 7mm wide⁡⁡I've wanted to make thin masking tape for about three years, and after much trial and error, I gave up⁡⁡Thin masking tape seems easy, but when I actually tried to design it, the screen was so narrow that it was very difficult to display the design⁡⁡After facing it for the first time in several years, I decided to use a design that I simply wanted to use⁡⁡I really love it, and when the lines become thin, the designs have a different flavor and are very cute⁡⁡Masting tape for making lines is 7mm thin, so you can stick it anywhere.It will be useful not only for diary decorations, but also for collages, etc.

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