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Yohaku Clear File Tsukitohoshi

Yohaku Clear File Tsukitohoshi

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M-108 Clear File Tsukitohoshi A secretly popular item is the A5 size clear file. It's a casual item that everyone can easily pick up at events. I use the A4 size for documents that I don't want to fold, but the A5 size is very convenient to carry around in my bag. I put invoices and transfer papers and am very active at work. Tsukitohoshi is not designed to have white lines, but to enjoy transparency and translucency. The paper inside looks beautiful. [ Yohaku]

Yohaku creates over 150 types of original masking tape and other paper goods by collaging various materials, such as chic monotone designs, beautiful pale watercolor designs, and collages of old paper fragments. Since the start of his production activities, he has been designing all of his own products, but he releases new products every one or two months.
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