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Yohaku Pen with Charm - Tsukitohoshi

Yohaku Pen with Charm - Tsukitohoshi

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The Uni-ball One is very easy to write with and is a big hit at work every day. It's smooth to write with and dries really quickly. It also works great with tracing sticky notes, so you can write beautifully without bouncing them off. I attached an acrylic charm to my beloved Uni-ball One. It's called "Tsuki to Hoshi Itsuka no Machi Kado Kogare." It's a cute and pretty charm with my favorite stamp pattern. It's a plump and thick charm. It's a little large, so you can leave it on the pen, but you can also use it as a key chain, or attach it to your notebook or pouch. It's black and 0.5mm in size.


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